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Peru boasts unique and thrilling experiences that will leave you in awe. Discover the natural and cultural wonders of Cusco and Peru along with your soulmate by your side. This charming country is home to ancient cities, the Inca civilization, deserts, glaciers, plateaus, and rare animals. It even has the Amazon rainforest, which will thrill you beyond measure. It retains its traditional culture, which will leave you inspired. Our private and personalized tours enable you to enjoy each moment without any distractions.
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Unleash the Magic of Cusco: Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure!

Cusco, the millennial capital of the great Tahuantinsuyo empire, is a place of mind-boggling wonder. The most fertile region of Peru, it’s a place of rich history and timeless beauty, officially declared the “Historical capital of Peru and Archaeological capital of America.” Gaze in awe at the magnificent Inca walls, which have stood the test of time for centuries, a testament to the Inca’s ingenuity and knowledge of architecture. As you explore Cusco at an altitude of 3,360m above sea level, know that you are standing in the “Navel of the World.” Acclimate and then embark on unforgettable adventures, such as touring the city and visiting nearby Inca sites such as Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, Pucapucara, and Tambomachay. Discover traditional villages like Pisac, the charming village of Ollantaytambo, and the small mountain village of Chinchero in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Let the wonders of Cusco ignite your passion to explore and inspire you to discover the beauty of Peru.

Discover the Mystical and Inspiring Sacred Valley.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a true gem of the Andes, brimming with history and vibrancy. The Incas recognized this area’s exceptional climate and rich soil, producing an incredible bounty that sustained the highlands. Traveling to the Sacred Valley also meant access to the tropical lowlands’ bounty, including the sacred coca leaf, a staple of Inca life. This valley stood as a formidable buffer zone, securing Cusco from dangerous jungle tribes. Even today, the Sacred Valley is flourishing, producing significant amounts of maize, fruits, potatoes, and vegetables, all supplying Cusco’s bustling markets.
Taking a Sacred Valley tour is an experience like no other, and it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular destination. This was once the heart and soul of Inca culture, a crucial agricultural, spiritual, and political center of their empire. The valley is home to countless Inca and Pre-Inca sites, and visitors can get a glimpse of the two main ones, Pisac and Ollantaytambo, on an unforgettable day trip. You’ll be astounded by the Inca’s exquisite craftsmanship and the valley’s breathtaking scenery. Many travelers even choose to visit the Sacred Valley before seeing Machu Picchu, ending the tour in Ollantaytambo, where they’ll take the train to Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of Machu Picchu.
If you’re in Cusco, the Sacred Valley is an absolute must-see destination. It offers a lower altitude than Cusco and can help you acclimate before continuing on your journey. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the storied culture and natural beauty of this beloved valley.

Experience the Power of Magnificent Machu Picchu!

Experience the wonder of Machu Picchu, a journey that will awaken your spirit and connect you to the infinite universe. This breathtaking marvel of South America lies 120 km northwest of Cusco, and was once lost and hidden from the world for centuries until its discovery in 1911. Today, it is a precious archeological gem and the ultimate travel destination in South America.

***Remember, to truly embrace the magic of Machu Picchu, you must plan ahead. The government has set strict limits on the number of visitors allowed each day, with only 2500 tickets available. It’s vital to purchase your entrance tickets in advance, especially during the high season of June, July, and August. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience by leaving it to chance. Remember that names and passport numbers are required to purchase tickets and cannot be changed once issued. Plan accordingly to make the most of this incredible journey.

To fully appreciate the geography of the area, imagine the seclusion of Machu Picchu’s remote location atop a mountain covered in thick vegetation and overlooking the Vilcanota River. To reach this awe-inspiring destination, take the steep and narrow zigzagging dirt track from the nearest village of Aguas Calientes. Buses run every 15 minutes from 5 am to 6 pm and make the 6 km journey in roughly 25 minutes. Keep in mind that this is the only road and there are no other connections to Aguas Calientes. However, a frequent railway service runs between Aguas Calientes and Ollantaytambo, eventually extending to the village of Poroy, just outside Cusco. Let this journey inspire you to connect with the world and embrace the beauty around you.

Discover Your Inner Adventurer and Embrace the Thrill of New Experiences!

Conquer the Salkantay Trail and unleash the adventurer within you!

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime and experience the thrill of the Salkantay-Santa Teresa-Machu Picchu trek. This challenging trek will take you higher and closer to the snow-capped peak, offering breathtaking views and ample opportunities to connect with the locals.

Known as the “alternative Inca Trail,” you’ll journey through the rugged Cordillera Vilcabamba, between the Urubamba and Apurimac rivers. The awe-inspiring frozen mountains and lush tropical rainforests of the northern side of Cordillera Vilcabamba will leave an indelible impression on you. The Nevado de Salkantay, the tallest peak in the Cordillera, is famously known as the “Savage Mountain,” standing tall at 6271 meters above sea level. The Classic 4-day Inca Trail may now be cost-prohibitive and restricted, but this trek is accessible to all and requires no trek permits.

Without a doubt, this is the “road-less-traveled” and perfect for those daring independent explorers looking to escape the crowds. It’s time to pack your bags and set off on a remarkable journey that will inspire and leave you mesmerized.

Explore the Ausangate Snow Mountain Trail and Reach New Heights!

Experience the Heart of the eastern Andes, where dreams come alive and extraordinary adventures await! The majestic mountain Ausangate, the main Apu or mountain spirit of Peru’s southern Andes, dominates the landscape as the centerpiece of the Cordillera Vilcanota. This breathtaking range of mountains boasts the massive Nevado de Ausangate (6,385m) and three others over 6000m. Unleash your sense of adventure as you explore this pristine land, offering spectacular mountain scenery, snow-capped peaks, hot springs, turquoise lakes, glaciers, herds of llamas and alpacas, picturesque villages, and traditionally dressed Indians.

In this hidden oasis, time stands still and the unique post-colonial indigenous culture thrives. The mountain settlements remain untouched by modern development, and the local inhabitants, who only speak Quechua, continue to live much as their ancestors have for centuries. They honor the sacred mountain Ausangate, the subject of many myths and legends, which dominates their surroundings. The Ausangate circuit offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience this world and its hidden treasures, making it a journey that promises to be one for the ages.

Embrace this unforgettable trek, beginning and ending in the charming Andean village of Tinqui, as you journey around the towering massif of Ausangate. You’ll ascend three high passes – two of which are over 5000m – and delve into a world of adventure. Prepare yourself for this journey by spending at least three days in Cusco (or equivalent altitude) before starting. The best time to embark on this awe-inspiring journey is from April to November. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to be inspired, filled with awe, and live your adventure dreams!

Explore the limitless possibilities on the awe-inspiring Choquequirao Trail!

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey to the Choquequirao Trek, a place where the true essence of natural beauty can be found. With an abundance of stunning flora and fauna, breathtaking scenic views, and a visit to an extraordinary Inca site, this adventure is destined to create memories that will stay with you forever. Choquequirao, known as the “cradle of gold” in Quechua, is a lost city of the Incas situated high above the glacier-fed Apurimac River, surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks. As legend has it, Choquequirao may have even been the place where the last Inca, Tupac Amaru, was raised among Inca priestesses. With the construction of a footbridge over the Apurimac River, the ultimate destination for serious trekkers awaits. Get ready to witness a journey of a lifetime and be inspired by the natural wonder that surrounds you.

Find Your Inspiration on These Thrilling Trails!

Peru is an awe-inspiring hiker’s paradise, beckoning adventurous souls to explore its endless possibilities for trekking throughout the majestic Andes. Countless trails remain hidden away, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery. The captivating Peruvian Andes boast pre-Columbian pathways that lead to breathtaking lakes, canyons, glaciers, snow-capped peaks, lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and quaint towns. The people of Peru are renowned for their warm hospitality, making it the perfect destination for wanderlust travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the enchanting culture of this magical land. These trails offer an ideal combination of challenge and reward for hikers of all skill levels, with steep inclines, winding paths, and unforeseen wonders at every turn. Get ready to be inspired as we share some of the most popular trails around Cusco, each one a day-trip that promises to ignite your sense of adventure and marvel!



Unleash your sense of adventure and explore the Cordillera Vilcanota’s majestic peaks. Behold the Colorful Mountain, a geological wonder boasting a stunning array of hues that will leave you speechless. As it stands tall like a natural fortress, it guards the surrounding Amazonian jungle and coastal desert. You’ll be amazed by glittering glaciers, tranquil rivers, and peaceful pastoral landscapes where alpacas roam free. This pristine region is dotted with quaint Quechua communities beckoning you to embark on a journey through unspoiled, untamed, and awe-inspiring natural beauty. VINICUNCA OR CERRO COLORADO is the quintessential destination for intrepid travelers seeking storied adventures. So don’t wait any longer, immerse yourself in the authentic customs and traditions of the pre-colonial era. Join the esteemed list of national and international visitors who have made the Colorful Mountain one of the most revered attractions in all of Cusco.


Embark on the Huchuy Qosco trek, a breathtaking journey that will take you on original Inca trails to the lesser-known Inca site of Huchuy Qosco, nestled in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This trek offers an opportunity to escape the tourist crowds and still savor all the wonders that Peru has to offer. Don’t let a short time frame or a desire for an easier trek hold you back. You’ve got this!


Get ready to be blown away by the awe-inspiring Humantay Lake, nestled north of Cusco and behind the magnificent Apu Salkantay. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the region, as you gaze upon the crystal-clear waters of the lake and the majestic snow-capped peaks, including the mighty Salkantay. Conquer the short climb to either side of the lake and experience a panoramic view that will leave you feeling inspired. Take your adventure to new heights and feel your spirit soar!


Embark on an incredible adventure and explore the breathtaking Lares Valley Trek – a remarkable alternative to the over-crowded Inca Trail. Immerse yourself in the authentic Andean communities nestled amidst stunning mountains, lakes and valleys. Experience the true essence of Cusco, as it was centuries ago, and discover a world of unspoiled beauty. The Lares Valley Trek is the ultimate off-the-beaten-path destination, offering an opportunity to witness the lives of Andean farmers dressed in colorful ponchos, tending to their herds of llamas and alpacas. Revel in the traditional, thatched stone houses and watch guinea pigs scamper about the premises. The best part? No permits are needed, and you have the option of extending the trek beyond a one-day adventure. This journey promises to be unforgettable – get ready to be inspired!